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Tandem Flight

The tandem paraglider flight is an air attraction that allows anyone to fly with an experienced instructor. No prior preparation is required and there are no restrictions on the age and physical condition of those who wish.


The flight begins with brief briefings preparing the equipment. If you have the right take-off conditions, you will be in the air after a few steps. Once you take off, you will be able to relax in the comfortable harness (seat) and enjoy the amazing experience. During the flight you will have the opportunity to see unique views over the ridge of Stara Planina and the Rose Valley. The flight ends with a soft landing near the 1st station of Lift Sopot.


The duration depends on the current weather conditions and varies between 15 and 30 minutes.


It is recommended that you wear long pants, a long-sleeved blouse and hiking boots.


At the client's request, the flight can be filmed with an HD camera and save the memory of the experience.

For reservation:

Telephone: 07001 5438 (07001 LIFT)



  • Flight: BGN 100

  • Video from the flight: BGN 30


  • The price of the flight does not include the price of the ticket for boarding the take-off area.

  • Flights are performed only at a time suitable for safe flying

Walk in the Central Balkan National Park


"The interactive map contains information about the main tourist routes, huts and landmarks on the territory of the Central Balkan National Park, presented by park sections."

"The map contains information about the main

marked tourist routes in

Central Balkan National Park.

Routes that have in common

sections or run

parallel to a certain

point are conditionally represented on the map with

parallel lines to

avoid overlap and facilitate the receipt of additional information / data download. "

"You can see the main entry-exit points for the Central Balkan National Park (settlements, stations, etc.) for each of the 7 park sections: Teteven, Klisura, Troyan, Karlovo, Kalofer, Stokite and Tazha"

Dobrila hut


[Town of Sopot - Dobrila hut] The ascent from Sopot is facilitated by the chairlift. The lift takes you to the intermediate lift station, from where you go north-northwest on a steep terrain. Gradually the slope decreases, the path turns west - northwest. It passes through the rocky hill Presechen Kamak, to the west of which the path deviates to the nearby departmental hut Nezabravka. From it it continues straight to the north, along a pillar marking, laid on sloping pastures. To the west are the coniferous forests covering the eastern slope of Dobrila peak, and to the east - the deep rocky precipice of Manastirska river. The path passes to the left of the cot and then to the right of the memorial plaque of Grandpa Yani. The trail widens and traverses almost horizontally the eastern slope of Dobrila peak. The Dobrila hut is reached after crossing a shallow dolce and exiting the saddle between the Dobrila and Ambaritsa peaks. Time for the route with cable car seat + 1.30h. on foot or 4.00h. on a marked path.

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