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"Lift Sopot" is located in the town of Sopot, at the foot of Stara Planina. It is the longest passenger chairlift in Bulgaria - 3990 m and provides you with quick and easy access to the Central Balkan National Park, as well as gives you the opportunity to practice your favorite sports.

Lift Sopot consists of two parts: the first one starts near the Sopot Monastery "Ascension" (557 m above sea level, station I) and reaches the area "Pochivaloto" (1389 m above sea level, station II), overcoming an elevation of 832 m. Travel time is 22 minutes at a speed of 2 m / s. The capacity of the section is 300 people per hour, and the number of seats is 101.

The second part is from Pochivaloto area (III station) to the area of Nezabravka hut (IV station). Its length is 1360 m and travel time is 15 minutes at a speed of 2 m / s. The capacity of the section is 250 people per hour, and the number of seats is 55.

At the second station is the steep meadow, from where you can fly a paraglider. The tandem flight with an instructor is available to everyone and can be filmed with an HD camera if you wish. The landing takes place on the lawn of the lower station of the lift. The Balkans above Sopot is a world-famous place for paragliding, and our love for the sport has hosted a number of international competitions, such as: National Paragliding Championship in the discipline of landing, World Paragliding Cup - Cross Country, European Cups, National International Championships. paragliding.


The lift is considered a starting point for hiking during every season of the year, and from the top starts one of the most extreme cycling routes.

There are several other pleasant things that will turn your trip to the Lift Sopot into a wonderful experience. The appetising surprises we offer in the two restaurants next to the starting station are a bonus to your mountain experience. A variety of ice cream and a freshly baked funnels from Gelato & Latte, hot and refreshing drinks prepared on site, homemade cheese pies and yogurt tarator with products from our bio-certified farm Rozino Organic Farm, are just some of the temptations you can find on site of the complex.

The pool, which is located next to the first station, became extremely popular at the end of 2019, when one night on the cameras in the complex we spotted a little bear, which later became international sensation after bathing undisturbed in the pool and even looked for his well-deserved ice cream. We named the fluffy swimmer Swimmy and started a petition to defend and safely relocate the bear closer to its habitat, which was supported by dozens of people.

Thanks to our joint efforts, SWIMMY received the necessary care and now resides in the higher parts of the Balkans, not to bother people and not be bothered by them.

Welcome to Lift Sopot to find out what the most famous bear in the Balkans has in common - Swimmy, the longest cable car in the Central Balkans, architecture (all buildings on the lift are built on the highest eco-certificate Green Globe, which ensures a closed cycle with avoidance of environmental pollution), sports, nature and delicious natural food.

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